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100% Raw Wild Flower Honey # 1 pound

100% Raw Wild Flower Honey # 1 pound

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Our honey is raw, unfiltered and unheated.  This honey will be a high percentage from Chinese Tallow or as it is known locally as "Popcorn" trees.  It will also have a good mix of other flowering plants native to growing zone 8B.  This honey was produced by hives located along the Mississippi Gulf Coast.  There are no row crops or farming of any kind in the areas we harvest from.  Our honey is produced by 100% untreated bees on wild forage. We know you will love the amazing flavor of this honey. 

We purposely bottle using only glass containers to prevent any unnatural flavor changes especially, if warming is needed, as our honey can have the tendency to crystalize in a shorter time frame than other honeys around the US.

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