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2024 Honey Bee Nucleus Colonies- NUC Order

2024 Honey Bee Nucleus Colonies- NUC Order

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Nuc sales closed for the 2023 beekeeping season. We are currently taking orders for the first round of nucs in the 2024 Spring beekeeping season.

These will be available in late March of 2024.  Thank you in advance for choosing to purchase DirtRooster Nucs! Whether just starting out as a new beekeeper, expanding your yard because you've caught the beekeeping bug or replenishing lost colonies from winter cold, we have you covered. We offer top quality bees that are sure to please. 

Total nuc cost is $165.00

$80 of this is a non-refundable deposit being applied to total Nuc cost of $165 


What you can expect to get with your purchase: 

  • Established colony of Italian bees with a new laying queen.
  • Packaged and ready for transport in a Pro Nuc or EZ Nuc box

Frame count:

  • 2-3 frames of brood
  • 1-2 frames of pollen and honey
  • Totaling 5 frames in all

WE WILL NOT MAIL OR DELIVER NUCS unless arrangements are made with large orders. You will be notified by email or text when your NUC is packaged and ready for transport. All nucs must be picked up from Gulfport, Mississippi. 

If you are ordering a large volume (50 or more) please contact me directly by email for special discount and arrangements.

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